The Oxford Perinatal Psychology Research Group (OPAL) is a team of psychologists based in the UK, lead by Dr Antje Horsch and Dr Kirstie McKenzie-McHarg.  We aim to establish a programme of perinatal psychology research and collaboration, develop expertise in the area and support advocacy. 

The perinatal period is a sensitive period and a time of great change.  For most women this is an exciting time, but for some women and their partners, things can happen that can make it very difficult. 

We have a range of interests, encompassing still birth and perinatal loss, perinatal anxiety, PTSD following childbirth, postnatal depression, psychosexual problems following traumatic childbirth, attachment, couple support, midwifery care, multiple pregnancy, tokophobia and diabetes in pregnancy.

If you would like to find out about participating in any of our studies, please use this site to find out more information, or contact us.

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